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Stan Clark, founder of The Claremont Club, was ready to get out of practicing law when he decided to open a tennis club in Claremont, California in 1973. He started with two tennis courts, and eventually added four more and a small pool. The Claremont Club continued adding on to accommodate the needs of their members. Today, the health club spans over 18 acres of land with state-of-the-art equipment  with special programs for Spinal Cord Injury, Neuromuscular Disease, Post Cancer Care, and Pediatric Cancer Care. Alongside these specific programs they offer childcare, a day spa, group exercise, personal training, tennis courts and swimming pools.


The process of converting from one software company to another is alarming for many gym owners. This was a big challenge for The Claremont Club when they discovered their software provider at the time did not offer the functionality and services they needed to grow. A few major challenges included:

  • Limited reporting capabilities
  • Manual processes such as calculating commission rates
  • Lack of visibility so trainers did not have to access their commission reports

The Claremont Club struggled to find software to fit their exact needs. Mike Alpert, President/CEO, came to ABC Financial with these challenges and immediately was presented with a course of action to overcome them.


Each year ABC Financial helps engage 22M members at more than 7500 clubs. That’s 152 member touch-points per minute. Our experience in the fitness industry and our commitment to supporting club operators remains our passion after 38 years. ABC’s market-leading club and member management and revenue cycle solutions enable owners and operators to achieve their personal and business best. The strength is in the number – ABC is the only reliable and proven solution provider you need.

ABC Financial provided:

  • Affordable pricing
  • 24/7 customer service with a dedicated Account Executive
  • Easy access to daily, weekly, and monthly billing, member check-in, POS transactions, and employee clock-in reports
  • Easy scheduling, managing, and cancellation capabilities for employee and trainer management  

"I've been through six software conversions in my career. The conversion with ABC has been by far and above the best one I've ever experienced"

- Mike Alpert, The Claremont Club, President/CEO

Data Insights, Solutions, and Experience Deliver Results for The Claremont Club

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